Effective as of August 31st 2023

1. Introduction

At Pioneer, protecting our customer’s data is a fundamental requirement. Pioneer understands the importance of its customers' data and implements rigorous measures to ensure its safety and security. This Customer Data Protection Policy describes how Pioneer processes and handles data while providing services.

2. Scope of the Policy

This policy applies to all customer data processed by Pioneer and its subprocessors. Pioneer handles data in compliance with this policy and the requirements of applicable laws and regulations.

3. Data Collection

Pioneer collects and stores customer data necessary to provide and improve its services. The collected data is based on what is provided by customers while using Pioneer’s services. This may include but is not limited to documents that customers upload to their Content Repository, Meeting Notes, and other documents Pioneer prepares on customers’ behalf, such as Strategy documents, or Drafts.

4. Data Use

Pioneer uses data to facilitate the use of its services, understand how services are used, improve the services, and meet legal requirements.

5. Data Sharing

Pioneer does not share customer data with third parties, except for subprocessors, as necessary to provide and improve its services, or as required by law.

6. Data Storage and Protection

Customers' data is stored using subprocessors like Notion, which is SOC2 compliant. Pioneer isolates each customer's data, ensuring that one customer cannot access another's data. Pioneer employs security measures to protect the data against unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure, or destruction. Only employees of Pioneers who interact with the customer directly have access to see the customer data.

7. Use of OpenAI Models

Pioneer's services use OpenAI's models to format the content provided by customers. All API queries to OpenAI are excluded from model training, as Pioneer has explicitly opted out to ensure that proprietary customer IP is never included in OpenAI's training data, which is used for public models. This is according to OpenAI’s **Terms of use,** section 3 (c). We predominantly use APIs to access OpenAI, which automatically excludes the content for being used by OpenAI, but we also have explicitly opted out our organization from data collection, and we require that every employee of Pioneer explicitly opts out themselves. We also have written acknowledgment from OpenAI employees about the opt-out.

<aside> <img src="/icons/search_purple.svg" alt="/icons/search_purple.svg" width="40px" /> Screenshot from OpenAI’s terms of use, section 3 (c).



8. Subprocessors

As of August 31st 2023, Pioneer’s subprocessors are:

Subprocessor Use case
OpenAI Formatting assistance, summarization, understanding.
Notion Data storage and manipulation
Google Drive Data storage and manipulation
Convex.dev Database as a service
Defer.run Jobs execution
Fireflies.ai Meeting Transcripts
Noah Content Exploration
Beautiful.ai Internal Presentations
Slack Client Communication
Zoom Client Communication
Figma Project Planning
Loom Training Resources
Calendly Scheduling

9. Data Access and Control