What is Pioneer?

Pioneer takes the pain out of the government application process. We are a team of AI-powered experts trained to win grants, contracts, loans, and proposals for climate tech companies.

Our Thesis

There are hundreds of billions in government funding that are designed for pioneering tech companies to catalyze research and deployment, that will benefit us all. These incentives are divided between dozens of sources at the federal, state, and local levels. Most climate-tech companies cannot spend the time and resources needed to apply and win even a fraction of these funds. With a team of AI-powered experts, we can help these companies win more government funding in less time.

🀝 Join the Pioneer team

<aside> πŸ› οΈ If you’re a builder who wants to create AI tools to support the innovators and pioneers behind some of the most impactful climate technologies, come join us!


<aside> πŸ“ˆ We’ve been rapidly ramping revenue since our launch in February 2023.


<aside> πŸ™‹ We are founded by repeat founders with experience from MIT, Dropbox, and Twitter who are passionate about climate and creating a supportive environment based on the fundamentals of Radical Candor. Ask us about our culture: toms, laps, feedback, and decision journals!


<aside> 🌍 We are building at the early intersection of AI, LLMs, and climate.


<aside> πŸ“© Interested in joining? Check out our Open Roles below.


πŸ†•Β Open roles

πŸ’» Senior Software Engineer (POSITION FILLED!)

⭐️ Benefits for the Pioneer team